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Hi! My name is Eliza Bracken and I'm the human behind Vivalter Assisting.

I describe myself as a multipotentialite). It's a lot easier to say that than a cellist/cello teacher/graphic designer/artist/web designer.

No matter what it is that I'm doing, I just absolutely love to learn and use new skills to do good--whether that be helping someone or making something beautiful.

I've always been the go-to person for my friends and family when they had tech problems or needed something designed. I love art and design and really value clarity, depth and meaning, wanting it to suffuse everything that I create.

So whether you need a beautiful graphic for your business or a fresh new layout for your website, I will take special care to understand you and your needs and create something that reflects who you are. I also love to organize and create systems to organize, so if you are in need of some organizational structures to keep everything in order and on track, I'm happy to help!

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