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Portfolio Site Design

Dorothy DeLong is a fictional feminist photographer. She wanted a basic one-page gallery design to easily display her photos. I was given the creative brief and then designed the color scheme, fonts, and layout according to Dorothy's unique brand of photography.

Dorothy's photography is raw, honest, and focuses on highlighting women's issues. Because of that, I chose a bold, artistic display font, (Electronica Stencil Display) and used the bright fuchsia for its instances. To offset that and continue the artistic and city vibe that comes through her work, as well as how her work is women's rights focused, I paired it with a serif font that resembles newsprint font, appropriately named Newsreader.

This is the tablet design of the site, though there were mobile and desktop versions that I designed as well.

Github Repo Gallery

"Github? What is that?"

You may very well be asking that and I totally understand. Before I began to learn how to code, I had never heard of it.

Think of it as a digital bookcase for coders to keep all their coding projects, the projects (or repositories/repos) being the "books."

Developers can then make their "book" public for others to collaborate with. And Git is the version control system that coders use to keep careful record of their process and allow them to travel back in time if they need to eradicate a bug in the code.

I have been pushing changes up into Github and coded the Javascript for this project that nicely displays all of my public Github repos (repositories).

Unplugged Responsive Website: Coded from Scratch

This was my first big project creating a truly responsive website. I did not use any web builder at all, but coded this, one little word at a time, from the beginning. This project involved three proper breakpoints.

To match the given website design, I had to measure everything in pixels using Photoshop and carefully constructed the website. Though it may be simple, it was my first large purely HTML/CSS responsive website project that I coded long-form.

(P.S. Drag and change the size of the window to see the design change.)

Seven Hills Chamber Music Festival

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Indiana Conservatory of Music

This project is currently in progress with the first stage of the website launched as of this Dec. 2022. This is a brand new private music academy in Columbus, IN that needed a clean, approachable, casual and comfortable site to attract new families. I designed the branding and website and built it in Webflow. A graphic logo will be created in the coming months.
The academy offers a variety of group classes and group lessons so the sign-up form needed to be designed to immediately update as soon as new class information has come up. This site is still actively expanding but it has been built to be highly editable and flexible for this ever-expanding organization to reach more students and be a home base for information about its operations.

Junonia Arts

This is a portfolio website for a paper artist and illustrator. They want to write children's books and so we chose a bright, whimsical and youthful color scheme that paired well with their art.

Throughout the site I built in details to pay homage to their craft, i.e. like scissor decorations and interactions imitating cutting paper. Above all, the site was built to include many CMS databases so the client can easily update their content without entering the designer area.

Seven Hills Chamber Music Festival

As a fresh new festival in only its second year, this chamber music festival needed a home base for its activities, a newsletter, logo, social media graphics, and a marketing software to gather their patrons' information to better understand their audience.

I designed the logo, branding, website, and set up the software. The site was built to be highly editable by the director without any need to go into the design side and has the capability to grow and change with this growing organization.

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